Baggage is adopted and issued by the Vilnius bus station terminal lots on weekdays from 05:25 to 21:00 hours.  Saturdays and Sunday, 7:00 to 20:45 pm.

For each hand luggage storage unit or the entire nevisą calendar day 2.00 € fee is charged.

Luggage safekeeping regulations:

  1. The following items shall not be accepted for safekeeping: explosives, inflammable, toxic, mordant, malodorous and radioactive materials, pollutants and perishable goods, firearms.
  2. The luggage left with the left-luggage office should be packed, with the exception of certain things which do not require packing. Luggage shall be accepted for safekeeping if its dimensions do not exceed 1000x500x300 mm or the total dimensions do not exceed 1800 mm.
  3. If the things presented to the left-luggage office for safekeeping are bound together, the safekeeping charge will be taken separately for each thing.
  4. The luggage accepted for safekeeping at the left-luggage office will be kept for 30 days, if the luggage is not collected within this period it is subject to sale in accordance with the established procedure.
  5. A fixed amount of money will be charged for safekeeping of each unit of hand luggage per calendar day/24 or less hours.
  6. After handing over luggage to the left-luggage office a passenger will be issued with a standard receipt.
  7. Luggage is accepted for safekeeping regardless of the fact whether or not the passenger has transportation documents.
  8. If the luggage ticket/receipt is lost the receiver shall write an application, and the luggage will be handed out on presentation of a document identifying the applicant.