Luggage storage



Luggage storage service is available at the parcel section of Vilnius Bus Station.

Opening hours of the parcel office:
I 07:00 – 21:00
II – V 05:25 – 21:00
VI-VII (and public holidays) 07:00 – 19:00

The cost of luggage storage is EUR 5,00 per piece of luggage per calendar day. A calendar day is calculated from the beginning of the opening hours of the Parcel Service to the end of the opening hours.


1. Customers’ luggage is accepted and released for storage at the bus station’s parcel office, regardless of whether the customer has documentation to travel on the bus.
2. It is forbidden to leave:
2.1. explosive, flammable, toxic, caustic, radioactive, strong-smelling, oily substances not properly packaged;
2.2. personal documents, money, securities, precious metals or precious stones;
2.3. animals;
2.4. sharp and cutting objects not properly wrapped;
2.5. narcotic and psychotropic substances,;
2.6. explosives, weapons, ammunition and parts thereof.
3. Baggage with dimensions of 100x50x30 cm or with total dimensions not exceeding 180 cm shall be accepted for storage.
4. Baggage accepted for storage must be packed in an orderly manner.
5. Luggage storage shall be subject to a fixed approved fee per full or part calendar day.
6. When accepting luggage, the freight forwarder shall write the customer’s name on the luggage receipt and attach it to the luggage, and shall hand the other luggage receipt to the customer.
7. When releasing the luggage, the freight forwarder shall check that the name on the luggage receipt and the luggage number match. If the luggage has been stored for more than one calendar day, the additional charge for the second and subsequent calendar days shall be levied.
8. If the customer loses the luggage receipt, the luggage will be returned to the customer on presentation of an identity document and a free-form request.