Luggage storage



Luggage is accepted and issued for storage at the Vilnius bus station parcel office located at the end of the departure platform.

The cost of luggage storage is EUR 3.50 per piece of luggage for part or all of the day, calculated from the opening to the closing time of the parcel office.

I 07.00 – 21.00
II-V 05.25 – 21.00 
VI-VII 07.00 – 19.00



  1. Customer luggage storage is organised in the luggage racks at the bus station.
  2. The storage of flammable, explosive, flammable, foul-smelling, volatile substances, compressed or liquefied gases, except for gases in portable cylinders, pointed cutting objects, firearms without sheaths or holsters, clumsy luggage obstructing the passage of traffic, animals without containers is prohibited.
  3. Hand luggage shall be stored up to a maximum size of 1000x500x300 mm, or up to a total size of 1800 mm, regardless of whether the customer has documentation to travel on the bus.
  4. Baggage accepted for storage must be neatly packed, with the exception of certain items which cannot be stored packed.
  5. Customers’ luggage shall be stored in the luggage compartment for up to 30 days, after which it shall be disposed of in the presence of a committee, in accordance with Order No 71 of 23 May 2006 of the Director General of the UAB Long Distance Passenger Transportation Company concerning the disposal of hand luggage and parcels.
  6. Luggage stored in the hold shall be subject to a fixed, approved fee for full or part-day storage.
  7. When accepting the luggage, the freight forwarder shall write the customer’s name on the receipt and affix it to the luggage, and shall hand the other receipt to the customer.
  8. When returning the luggage, the freight forwarder shall check that the name on the receipt and the luggage number match. The receipt number shall be entered in the daily report, indicating the date of collection.
  9. If the baggage is stored for more than one day, an additional charge shall be levied for the additional full or partial day.
  10. If a customer loses a receipt, luggage will be issued on presentation of an identity document and a written request.