Parcel delivery


PARCEL CARRIAGE CENTRE is an international network of parcel carriage for the customers in Europe and Lithuania, the services of which are used by large corporations, small-sized companies or private persons. Latest information technologies, high quality standards for the management of processes and investment into the training of the staff from the Parcel Carriage Centre ensure the creation and usage of an advanced logistics system. Every year Parcel Carriage Centre offers their customers new services and possibilities. Modern packing material used for parcels guarantees safety of shipment. Flexible and constantly improved tariff system for services enables customers to save money. We care for every single customer, thus, Parcel Carriage Centre staff is ready to do anything to ensure timely and safe delivery to the consignee. About parcels of transport regulations, read more …

Parcel packing materials:

Product Product Dimensions (mm) Price (EUR with VAT)
 Box  250 x 140 x 150  0,58 €
 Box  335 x 300 x 235  0,78 €
 Envelope C3  324 x 458  0,43 €
 Padded envelope A4  229 x 324  0,58 €
 Envelope A4  229 x 324  0,29 €
 Envelope A5  162 x 229  0,29 €